11 Best home improvement projects for your Foreclosure Property

The following home projects topped the list for highest cost recovery:

  1. Refinish hardwood floors: 147% return on investment
  2. New wood flooring: 118%
  3. Upgrade insulation: 100%
  4. Converting a basement to a living area: 86%
  5. Closet renovation: 83%
  6. Converting an attic to living area: 75%
  7. Complete kitchen renovation: 75%
  8. Bathroom renovation: 71%
  9. Kitchen upgrade: 67%
  10. New bathroom addition: 63%
  11. New primary bedroom addition: 56%

Why are floors such a good investment?

In todays hot Hawaii Realestate market,  almost everything in the inventory is selling fast.  If your home is in a pending foreclosure, one way to sell the property fast is by staging the property and performing some quick upgrades to the home.  Once your stop a pending forelosure, you will have time to get the property ready to sell.   I know what your thinking.   If your home was in the brink of foreclosure, how will you have the money to perform a renovation?  Well, this answer is simple.   Our investor group at Hawaii Foreclosures can invest $50,000 on your property and arrange a joint venture to share in the proceeds when the property sells.  You will still get the money you deserve.  On the contrary, the propertly will sell at a higher cost and will also sell faster due to the upgrades.

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