Frequently Asked Questions related to Realestate Foreclosures in Hawaii.


Do Hawaii Homeowners have a Redemption Period After a Foreclosure Sale in Hawaii?

Some US states have a law that gives a foreclosed homeowner time after the foreclosure sale to redeem the property or simply take it back. Hawaii law does not provide a right of redemption after a judicial or nonjudicial foreclosure.

How long does a Foreclosure take in Hawaii?

The typical Hawaii Realestate foreclosure can take anywhere from 60 to 90 days. Some can drag on longer if a Homeowner decides to sue the lender or file for bankruptsy. In general, temporary legal tactics are simply a delay tactic. For example, a Chapter 13 Bankruptsy will allow some of a homeowners debt to be foregiven and restructure the individuals finances. However, at the end of the day, the homeowner must still find a way to pay attorney fees and pay off remaining debt.

My foreclosure sale in Oahu is in 14 days. Is there anything I can do to stop the sale?

Foreclosures sales in general can be stopped or delayed temporarily by filing for bankruptsy, sueing the lender or negotiating with the lender directly. More than often, the solutions requires multiple actions involving legal support and financial capital.