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Your real estate investment can be worthless if you have a poor credit score. Even if you have the cash to purchase a home or sufficient income to handle a mortgage loan, poor credit can prevent you from getting a mortgage loan. 

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What does ‘Subject’ mean in real estate?

In real estate, subject means that you are buying a home that is subject to an existing mortgage. Under normal circumstances, what happens when a homeowner sells a property in which the mortgage has not been paid fully off? The proceeds of the sale are used to pay off the and the seller pockets the rest. The buyer takes over the rest of the mortgage which is called ‘mortgage assumptions’. Subject to a middle ground between both options. The buyer agrees to pay off the seller’s mortgage until the mortgage is paid off. The mortgage will remain in the name of the original owner but the buyer pays off the mortgage. 

Types Of Subjects For Real Estate Deals

Cash To Loan Subject To

A cash loan subject is the easiest and most common type of subject. When you buy a home from the seller, you will have to pay the balance amount in cash. For example, if you buy a $3,00,000 home from a seller on which $2,50,000 is the mortgage balance, then you have to pay $50,000 to the seller in addition to the sale price. As you know that the buyer is not assuming the mortgage. The buyer is paying the balance amount and the seller is getting the benefits of closing costs and getting instant money. 

Seller Carryback Subject To

Seller carryback is also known as “owner financing” or “seller financing” and the transaction is pretty much similar to a second mortgage. A seller carryback may be a necessary option if the lender offers the buyer the total amount of financing needed for buying the property. The seller does not give any money to the buyer and just allows the buyer to make the installments over a short period. 

Wrap Around Subject To

A wrap-around subject is very much similar to seller carryback but the only difference is that the interest rate the buyer pays is counted on the original mortgage loan. Because the seller has to pay interest on the original mortgage and require to pay a proportional interest rate that covers it. If a seller’s mortgage interest is 5%, the buyer might be paying 7% and in this case, the seller would be making good money through interest to compensate for the interest on the original mortgage.

Benefits of subject to real estate for buyers

Easier to buy a property

Subject to real estate is a suitable method for real estate investment for those who are lacking funds to finance a home. You can buy a property through this means if you are not qualifying for financing normally. You can get a better interest rate than a standard mortgage. 

Cost Effective

Since there are no title companies, agents, banks, or loan officers involved in its process and there are only a few upfront and closing costs involved. Closing costs are also affordable for you. So, the subject to real estate method is worth considering if any property is out of your reach. 

Faster income/Equity

When you go for the subject to equity, you will gain equity faster in the property as some of the debt is already been paid. Subject to transactions also takes place faster as compared to a standard form of a mortgage. So, you are lucky to get a good deal.

Benefits of Subject To Equity For Sellers

Saving grace

Some people ran out of cash or they might be going for divorce and looking for someone to instantly buy their house. In such cases, you have a better chance to get such property subject to real estate.

No Repairs Needed

In subject to real estate, the sellers got the property in living conditions and can be beneficial for sellers to make the sale of them without any additional repairing cost. 

Quick Sales

A real estate investor might want to sell any such property to have a better profitable real estate investment. A subject-to-transfer deal can give him the instant cash facility he is looking for in his next investment.

Avoid Closing Cost

In many cases, the seller doesn’t have to incur the closing costs and it can help them reduce their cost for selling which reduces a lot of stress during the transaction process.


A subject-to-real estate deal is seen where there is an existing mortgage. Under the subject, the buyer got the property and the seller retains the mortgage. The buyer makes the mortgage payments to the sellers and the lender is sometimes not even informed about this. This is a great method to buy a property when you have insufficient funds and want lower closing costs. For sellers, selling a property under subject is a great alternative to quickly dispose of the property and get some debt relief. It is highly recommended that the buyer seek a highly professional attorney to draft a subject-to-agreement.

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