Helping Hawaii Residents, Military and Homeowners avoid Foreclosure
Helping Hawaii residents avoid foreclosure
Helping Hawaii residents avoid foreclosure
Hawaii Foreclosures is a team of Local Kamaainas, born, raised, educated in Hawaii. Our goal is to reduce the number of Foreclosures in Hawaii.
Custom Foreclosure Solutions
Custom Foreclosure Solutions
Foreclosure Help in Hawaii
Foreclosure Defense Options
Foreclosure Defense Options
Our customized solutions ensure that each family has a perfect solution tailored to their needs
Helping Hawaii Residents from Foreclosures
Helping Hawaii Residents from Foreclosures
We can provide practical solutions to help you retain your home

Are you struggling with finances?

We create financial options

Hawaii Foreclosures

Welcome to Hawaii Foreclosures

Real Estate Foreclosures and Distressed Properties

Are you running behind your mortgage payments or experiencing repossession of your home? Our company helps homeowners navigate all challenges and avoid foreclosure in Hawaii. We have devised a multisectoral approach that allows all clients to adopt the best method to avoid losing their homes. If you are facing a foreclosure Oahu or in Hawaii, we will assist with a practical, achievable, and well-integrated approach to help you avoid foreclosure.

Helping Local Kamaainas and Homeowners across the Hawaiian Islands


Hawaii Foreclosures Services and Features.

Local Hawaii Residents

Hawaii islands are a vibrant and culturally rich place to live. The mix of Japanese, Caucations, Portugues, Hawaiian, Filipinos, and Samoans, among others, makes this island so remarkable. Suppose you are a resident in this area facing a risk of home foreclosure? We offer foreclosure options for all our clients that help your stay in your home or sell your home.

Military Veterans

Hawaii has multiple military bases in the region, forming part of its cultural identity. Any military veterans facing a risk of foreclosure Oahu should seek our trusted services. Our strategies help ensure you don't face the embarrassing and frustrating Hawaii bank foreclosure process that will harm your credit history.

Hawaii Homeowners

The cost of real estate in Hawaii tends to be exponentially high. The medium prices range from $500,000-$850,000. If you are in a financial crisis and unable to settle your monthly mortgage payment, ensure you seek help as soon as possible. Our primary goal is to provide you avoid foreclosure by incorporating our three steps into comprehensive action.

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Our Hawaiian Services Include the Following:

HawaiiForeclosures.ORG is a group of Local Kamaaina Residents in the field of Real Esate, Law, Construction workers, Architects, Business investors and more. We provide solutions to allow your to avoid Foreclosure. Assuming you contact us EARLY enough, we can offer you a solution to stay in your home. Other options include filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. There are many options if you don't wait until the very last minute. Unlike going to a Realtor or Attorney, we offer a variety of solutions to permanently solve your problem. Often times, the solution is a combination of actions that requires focused attention and monitoring. Don't make the mistake of going direct to an attorney or real estate agent. Their solutions will be very one dimensional. Send us an email or give us a call for more information.
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Review from our clients
Im a Senior Citizen with a limited income. Ive lived in my home for more then 40 years. Unfortunately, I help my kids finance a business that went belly up. Thanks to HF, they found a way to stop the foreclosure.
John Campbell

John Campbell


My property in downtown honolulu almost foreclosed. Thank goodness I found Hawaii Floreclosures.org They took over my Home, paid the debt and help me sell my property after completing a partial renovation. They help me buy another property after selling my downtown home for Maximum value. I could have lost everything. Now I have a new home and $50,000 in the bank.
Allen Evangelista

Allen Evangelista


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Kim Teju

Kim Teju



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